Kudal, Sindhudurg

“Shwas Bal Raksha” (श्वास बाल रक्षा प्रकल्प) project has been startted by Jeevan Aanand Sanstha for the children in poor family.

Jeevan Aanand Sanstha started new project name “Shwas Bal Raksha” (श्वास बाल रक्षा प्रकल्प) is undertaken since last one year to arrange free heart surgeries for economically weak children suffering from heart diseases. Till date more than 20 heart surgeries have been successfully carried out at different hospitals under Rajiv Gandhi Yojana.

Under this project, the Sanstha has been helping children in poor families, who have heart problems by birth and due to object poverty their parents cannot afford medical or surgical treatment to them.